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Benefits of Employing Legal Graphics for Your Case

Using legal graphics is an effective way to improve your case blog header. Here are four techniques to consider:

In recent years, attorneys have moved away from using projectors and poster boards to explain their arguments in court, and have embraced the advances in computer technology and visual effects. They have begun to employ court graphics as a means to provide an attractive and sophisticated representation of legal concepts to a jury or other viewers.

Regardless of what stage of the legal process you are in, legal graphics can be of great help in various types of litigation cases, like personal injury and accident reconstruction. These visuals are also useful for people testifying in court, such as licensed medical practitioners, since they can make their explanations easier to understand for a general audience.

A legal graphic can be used to break down a complicated medical treatment or scientific process to make it easy to comprehend for jurors or mediators. This aids them in comprehending the incident and keeping track of important details that are essential to the case.

It is often said that an illustration conveys a thousand words.
Car accident scene illustrating the importance of legal graphics in accident reconstruction

Exploring how a trial graphic could be utilized, what are the four advantages it can provide to your case? Let's take a closer look.

1. Make it Easier to Understand - Legal Graphics

The purpose of legal graphics is to convey the complexity of a case in a manner that is easily understood by the intended audience. When there are multiple elements to consider, such as the timeline, a dearth of proof, and various viewpoints, it can be difficult for a jury or judge to make sense of the situation. Graphics provide an effective way to overcome this problem.

Several Groups

There is more than one party involved in many situations. It is common to have multiple groups that come together to address an issue or reach a goal.

In a scenario with multiple parties, a legal animation or graphic can be used to support or disprove conflicting assertions.

This 3D animation video provides a realistic look at the incident from both the driver's and pedestrian's perspectives. With this animation, the court was able to come to a settlement more quickly. Utilizing a legal graphic can create a similar result.

The Duration of Your Matter

If a case is drawn out for an extensive amount of time, the facts and events of the situation can become increasingly complex. For instance, if a hypothetical medical malpractice lawsuit were to stretch out over many months, the primary story you are aiming to prove might become clouded by the inclusion of extra physicians, treatments, and patient consultations.

If a case does not conclude rapidly, it can be difficult for a jury to comprehend the intricate details. A legal graphic can provide a pictorial representation that can recall and remind viewers precisely what took place and when.

At our Trials & Tech, legal graphics professionals collaborate with attorneys and specialist witnesses to produce a timeline that matches up with the facts, evidence, and approaches in any legal circumstance. This is due to the picture superiority effect, which points to the fact that visuals are much easier to recall than words.

Clarity of Information Missing - Legal Graphics

For certain legal disputes, there may not be enough proof to settle the issue quickly. While visual graphics are not necessarily evidence, they can be used to better emphasize existing evidence. If the available data is unclear or difficult to understand, then a litigation graphic can be incredibly beneficial. It can be used to illustrate more technical concepts, such as the inner workings of an artery being pierced during a surgical procedure.

2. Strengthen Your Pro's Standing

It is not necessarily straightforward for those lacking technical know-how to comprehend why a particular car part may have malfunctioned and led to a potential car crash. The numerous elements involved in such an accident are intricate and may be difficult for a jury to follow.

To enhance the effectiveness of your expert witness's testimony, a legal graphic can be a great asset. Your legal graphic team can collaborate with any expert who is called upon, like a motor vehicle accident recreation specialist, for instance, to guarantee that the trial graphic is precise.

This legal animation shows precisely how the car malfunctioned and labels each component for those unfamiliar with the topic. Even if you opt for only a graphic instead of a full 3D animation, it can still be useful for an expert to explain their point by marking the complicated machinery or even body parts.

An expert can provide a clear explanation of any complex testimony by combining their verbal explanation with a pertinent visual that will further support their reasoning.

Making an Impact in Every Stage of the Litigation Process

Graphics that are compliant with legal standards are not only used in the courtroom. For instance, counsel for both the plaintiff and the defendant can take advantage of them to help bolster their case during:

  • Practice of proceedings

  • Negotiations

  • Mediation sessions

  • Group deliberations

No matter the status of the case, be it already started, scheduled for the future, or nearing resolution, a law graphic can be a beneficial tool for your position. Visual aids such as this can assist the audience in recalling important facts of your case.

3. Enhance Understanding and Memorization

For a courtroom presentation to be effective, it is essential to incorporate a visual component for the jury to grasp. Studies have demonstrated that presentations with visuals are 43% more persuasive than those without. Legal graphics not only assist the jury in understanding the essential points, but they can also aid mediators and the opposing counsel in comprehending your client's story. With the legal graphics, you can present the case in different levels of detail.

Studies have demonstrated that presentations with visuals are 43% more persuasive than those without

When it comes to complex medical procedures, system schematics, architectural models, and medical devices, legal graphics provide an effective means of summarizing the crucial points and primary arguments of a given case.

A key point to remember when presenting graphics or courtroom illustrations: make sure that they present a precise and impartial illustration of the evidence.

The Advantages of Utilizing Visual Legal Aids in Your Case

No matter the size or duration of a case, a legal graphic provides an edge against the opposing counsel. If it's a complex case that is difficult to explain verbally, visuals can make it easier to understand. It can be difficult for a jury or other audience to comprehend the technical or intricate facets of the case without an expert's perspective. With a 3D legal graphic, you can help guide them through the explanation, which will support your client's objectives and assist in achieving the desired result.

Utilizing a visual representation, even one that is not animated can be of great assistance in the entirety of the litigation process. This is because such graphics can aid the juror or judge in recalling the important information of a case after it has been presented. Therefore, the advantages of utilizing legal graphics in proceedings are fourfold.


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