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When it comes to trials, it is crucial to have a skilled and cohesive team to achieve success. Our team understands this essential element of trial work and has the necessary perspective, experience, and endurance to work together seamlessly during the long days and nights of trial.

As a fully integrated member of your trial team, we offer an expert level of courtroom and war room support, which guarantees a smooth and effective presentation of your case. With the assistance of Trial & Techs trial techs, you can concentrate all your mental energy on presenting a strong case for your client. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can support your legal team.

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With years of expertise and experience and thousands of trials under our belts, Trials & Tech is the right team to support your trial.


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Trials and Tech, at its core, is a team of highly experienced professionals delivering impeccable courtroom presentations. Their intuition, speed, and accuracy enable them to handle real-time challenges with efficacy and deliver exceptional results consistently.

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We use proprietary software to customize each trial exhibit page with a unique stamp, and every document is branded and linked in a central database. This guarantees clear communication between counsel and the presenter and maintains an accurate court record.

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The Trial and Tech team's of courtroom presenters possess the expertise and knowledge to create and manage a comprehensive trial database encompassing all exhibits and media. They will effortlessly handle all technical aspects of the presentation, enabling you to concentrate on the case's factual evidence.

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trial prep

We can be by your side as your team prepares for trial, providing on-site support for run-throughs, witness preparation, jury exercises, and any other needs to help your team get ready.

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In the event that Trials & Tech doesn't have the necessary trial equipment,  we work exclusively with well-respected, national and regional litigation equipment vendors who also understand the importance of seamless support during trial. You can enter the courtroom with confidence that all equipment has been thoroughly tested and is ready for a flawless performance.

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Reviewing hundreds of hours of raw deposition video is a daunting task. Our video professionals are experts at quickly creating, editing, and producing key deposition clips. We offer fast turnaround on raw video for review and final testimony playback during trial, along with the ability to simulcast exhibits.

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exhibit boards

Trials & Tech can help you effectively present your personal injury and medical malpractice cases by providing printing and enlargement services for trial exhibits. This includes diagnostic films, photos, and related documents, as well as mounting and presentation services to showcase key evidence in the most compelling way. With our trial exhibit and demonstrative evidence services, you can ensure that your case is presented with clarity and impact.

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Our team helps counsel in creating impactful demonstrative evidence by utilizing a combination of timelines, interactive presentations, and custom-designed visuals. By doing so, we ensure that key facts are effectively communicated and resonate with the audience during trial.

DIL Videos

Our team specializes in creating persuasive evidence by transforming our clients' injuries and daily struggles into compelling video content. We collaborate closely with attorneys, experts, and clients to produce thorough "day in the life" videos that effectively showcase the impact of their injuries. These videos have proven to be valuable assets in many of our clients' cases, often resulting in increased monetary compensation.

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