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Attorneys and firms facing complex cases and trials turn to Trials & Tech for the guidance and expertise to ensure a successful outcome when the outcome matters most.

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With years of expertise and experience and thousands of trials under our belts, Trials & Tech is the right team to support your trial.


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Trials & Tech's focus group services delivers instantaneous feedback and after session feedback and analysis to attorneys assessing the critical elements and themes to their matters. Our real world application and data driven foundation allows attorneys to really assess and analyze and dig deep to understanding potential jurors bias related to the elements of the case.  Our services allow attorneys to see and understand the true potential and issues of thier case.

Focus Groups curated by
Dr. Tiffany Brandreth


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Focus Group Service Include

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Facility Logistics, A/V & Material Preparation

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Focus Group Facilitation, Deliberation Viewing, and Debrief Sessions



Critical Issues, Weaknesses and Landmines For Trial Preparation

Contract Signature


Participant Recruitment, Compensation, and Confidentiality Agreements

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Visceral and Cerebral Reactions to Your Credibility, Themes, & Arguments



In Depth Strategy Report: Most Persuasive Way to Win Your Jury

Office Work


Questionnaire Design, Administration, & Reporting

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Polling, Evaluations, and Feedback by Participant Demographics

Team Brainstorm


Responsive, Results, and Unparalleled Partnership

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Focus Groups

A focus group is an exploratory, creative conversation with a panel of surrogate jurors guided by our consultants.  We prepare a script and questions in consultation with the trial team. The exercise can be conducted in a half-day or full-day sessions.

Focus groups are often structured in modular fashion, providing more feedback and earlier feedback than a traditional mock trial. This can be helpful in complex cases, so jurors can digest information in smaller increments and be allowed to discuss the presentations immediately after hearing them, rather than just once at the end as in a mock trial.

The surrogate jurors will deliberate freely, have discussions are led by our consultants, and sometimes a member of the trial team as well. This allow us to explore each issue in a more exhaustive fashion.

Focus groups can be useful early in the discovery process to:

  1. Learn what native experiences, concerns, and ideas jurors bring to the case.

  2. What level of education will jurors need on the subject matter.

  3. Identify what trial themes will be most persuasive, and what types of fact witnesses will be needed.

  4. Understand initial impressions, discover metaphors and analogies.

  5. Ascertain reactions to arguments and bad facts, and what issues are relevant or irrelevant.

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