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Focus Group Experts to ensure your case themes are meticulously examined and primed for resonating with your target demographic. Your arguments, evidence, and the all-crucial juror perceptions will be explored with a finesse that commands insight and prepares you for a compelling courtroom narrative.

Prepare for Your Case with Trials & Tech's In-depth Focus Group Services: Unveiling Juror Perspectives, Refining Case Themes, and Navigating Towards a Favorable Verdict

Focus Group Services

Dr. Tiffany Brandreth

Leverage Bias & Behavior Science Expertise

We are dedicated to giving plaintiffs the advantage to win and offer educated, experienced expertise to help you understand how jurors will think, process, and react. From examining and advising your opening and closing statements, day and life videos, to your witness and expert testimonies, we assist you at any stage of the trial process where decisions and outcomes are in the hands of people.

Dr. Tiffany Brandreth


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The collaboration between Chris Waters of Trials & Tech and Dr. Tiffany Brandreth marks a significant stride in jury consulting services. Chris Waters, with his rich tapestry of experience in litigation support, will spearhead all technical aspects of the focus groups. His expertise ensures a seamless orchestration of technical elements, facilitating a conducive environment for effective focus group sessions. On the other hand, Dr. Tiffany Brandreth, with her deep-rooted understanding of bias, behavior, and organizational psychology, will delve into the human dynamics, providing a nuanced understanding of juror perceptions. Together, they craft a unique offering - a synergy where meticulous technical preparation by Waters melds with insightful psychological analysis by Brandreth. This coalition promises a holistic approach towards jury consulting services, offering attorneys a blend of technical mastery and psychological acumen. This dual expertise is bound to provide a more refined understanding of juror biases and case themes, thereby enhancing the preparation and presentation of cases in the courtroom. Through their combined skillsets, they are poised to offer a comprehensive, insightful, and technologically adept jury consulting service, setting a new standard in the legal realm.

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"Insightful Jury Resonance: Unveiling Your Case's Winning Essence"

Trials & Tech’s focus group services are your gateway to immediate and post-session insights, furnishing attorneys with a keen understanding of pivotal case elements and themes. Rooted in real-world applicability and a data-centric approach, we unveil the layers of potential juror biases concerning case facets, enabling a profound analysis. Our offerings are a lens for attorneys to discern the true potential and challenges of their case, transforming insights into a robust courtroom strategy. Embark on a voyage of discovery with our focus group services, and let every perspective sculpt the path to "justice through tech".

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