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Our commitment goes beyond leveraging AI and state-of-the-art technologies for litigation support. We're deeply invested in enriching our community, channeling our expertise into meaningful charitable efforts.

Trials & Tech: Uniting Advanced Legal Tech with Community Spirit - Our Commitment to Charitable Giving and Local Engagement.

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We at Trials & Tech are immensely proud to be associated with the Natalie A. Cole-Reagins Foundation and Stanford School of Medicine, particularly in their significant endeavors in the fight against Sino Nasal Undifferentiated Carcinoma (SNUC). Stanford School of Medicine, with its comprehensive research efforts ranging from basic discovery to the development of novel cancer diagnostics and treatment protocols, is at the forefront of tackling this rare and aggressive nasal cancer.

Their approach includes cutting-edge basic, clinical, and translational studies focused on understanding the biology of cancer and the factors contributing to its development. This partnership aligns with the Natalie A. Cole-Reagins Foundation's mission to promote cancer research, a commitment born from the memory of Natlie A. Cole-Reagins, whose life was tragically impacted by SNUC. Trials & Tech is honored to support and contribute to this vital work, reflecting our dedication to impactful community engagement and the advancement of medical research.

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The Natlie A. Cole-Reagins Foundation, a California-based non-profit, is a beacon of hope and progress in both education and cancer research. Established to honor the memory of Natlie A. Cole-Reagins, an elementary school teacher tragically diagnosed with Sino Nasal Undifferentiated Carcinoma (SNUC), the foundation has been pivotal in raising awareness for this rare cancer. Its efforts include establishing an annual National Awareness Day for SNUC and collaborating with Poly High School’s Cancer Answer club to provide books to children in the Oncology Department at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. Additionally, the foundation's President, Denae Reagins, has been recognized for his significant community efforts, including an event where Riverside Mayor Rusty Bailey read to over 100 2nd graders in Riverside.

Trials & Tech is honored to have played a role in supporting this admirable foundation. Over the years, our efforts have raised thousands of dollars, contributing to the foundation's impactful work in cancer research and early childhood literacy. Our partnership with the Natlie A. Cole-Reagins Foundation reflects our dedication not only to legal expertise but also to meaningful community involvement and support for initiatives that drive positive change

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The Orange County Trial Lawyers Charity (OCTLC) stands as a shining example of commitment and philanthropy in the legal community. Renowned for its significant contributions to charitable causes, OCTLC has established itself as a vital force in fostering a spirit of giving and community support among legal professionals. The founder of Trials & Tech, Chris Waters, recognized for his generous financial contributions, is honored as an honorary board member, exemplifying the intersection of professional excellence and community service. Beyond financial support, Trials & Tech contributes creatively and technically to OCTLC’s mission. Our team dedicates time and expertise to design captivating event graphics and videos, and we proudly provide state-of-the-art AV equipment free of charge for fundraising events. This collaboration underscores our belief in the power of uniting legal prowess with community engagement, embodying our commitment to making a tangible, positive impact in the Orange County area.

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Operation Helping Hands SoCal, a beacon of hope and support in Southern California, was founded by Kim Valentine to address crucial needs in the community. This remarkable non-profit organization focuses on distributing hygiene items and basic necessities to the homeless and housing insecure, actively involving local youth in these compassionate efforts. Moreover, Operation Helping Hands works with community colleges in Southern California, providing housing stipends to students to support their educational pursuits amidst housing challenges.

At Trials & Tech, we are proud to support Operation Helping Hands through financial contributions and active participation in their charitable events. Our involvement underlines our commitment to nurturing and supporting our community, ensuring that we contribute positively to the lives of those in need.

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South County Outreach, an impactful charity in Orange County, has been a leader in combating hunger and homelessness for over three decades. With a mission driven by dignity and respect, they have been providing essential services to homeless families, the underemployed, unemployed, seniors, veterans, and other at-risk residents of the county. Their comprehensive approach includes distributing over 700,000 pounds of food annually and implementing programs for homeless prevention and rapid rehousing, offering financial assistance and case management services to those facing imminent homelessness.


Trials & Tech is excited to announce our recent partnership with South County Outreach. As a new partner, we are eager to get involved and support their noble mission. Our contribution goes beyond financial support; we are committed to actively participating in their charitable events and initiatives, furthering our dedication to making a positive impact in the Orange County community.

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Triumph Foundation, founded in 2008 by Andrew and Kirsten Skinner, is a remarkable organization dedicated to empowering individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries/Disorders (SCI). Andrew, a recovering quadriplegic since 2004, alongside Kirsten, has been instrumental in driving the foundation's mission to support and inspire those facing mobility impairments. Their work extends across Southern California, offering resources, hope, and a lifelong support network to children, adults, and veterans dealing with paralysis.

Triumph Foundation's wide-reaching impact includes supporting over 8,000 individuals with disabilities, providing over $1,000,000 in assistance, performing accessible home remodels, providing wheelchair-accessible vehicles, distributing Care Packs, and hosting adaptive recreation events. The foundation's outreach embraces all backgrounds, reflecting a deep commitment to inclusivity and support across the United States.


Trials & Tech is thrilled to partner with Triumph Foundation, recently participating in their 5K fundraising event through the Orange County Trial Lawyers Charity (OCTLC). Beyond this, Trials & Tech has established a direct partnership with the foundation, contributing both support and financial resources to further their noble cause. This collaboration reflects our dedication to enhancing the lives of those in our community, especially those overcoming significant physical challenges.

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The SCGA Junior Golf Foundation is an exceptional organization dedicated to inspiring young golfers through a fun, engaging community that fosters character development, mentorship, and empowerment. Their inclusive approach includes the Youth on Course program, offering junior golfers affordable access to golf courses, and a comprehensive Player and Youth Development (PYD) program that equips them with everything needed for success in golf. Moreover, SCGA Junior provides valuable scholarship opportunities, encouraging participants to pursue higher education and become community mentors.

Trials & Tech is thrilled to support SCGA Junior, contributing not only through financial donations but also by providing design and AV support for select fundraising events. Our involvement with SCGA Junior is a testament to our commitment to nurturing young talent and supporting initiatives that enrich our community's youth

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