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2023 OCTLC Charity Roast of
Eric V. Traut

Trials & Tech once again proved their expertise in the field of event technology as the AV Sponsor for the highly anticipated 2023 OCTLC Charity Roast of Eric Traut. The event was a huge success, raising over $60,000.00 for the chosen charity. Trials & Tech provided the essential audiovisual components that made the event a spectacular and unforgettable evening. With (4) 27" monitors to display sponsor videos during cocktail hour and (2) 60" TVs to display the event sponsors of the evening, they ensured that the sponsors were well represented. Trials & Tech was also responsible for handling the entire presentation for the night, seamlessly coordinating all the components for the event. The team went above and beyond by designing the intro videos for each roaster, (4) sponsor videos for each bar sponsor, and (2) event sponsor videos that were displayed on the 60" TVs. They also designed an intro video for the charity roastee, Eric Traut, and an event sponsor ad video that played during the dinner portion of the evening. Thanks to Trials & Tech's efforts, the event was not only successful in raising funds for the charity but also in creating a memorable experience for all those in attendance. Their exceptional work in event technology once again proved that they are the go-to professionals for any event, big or small.